The Dreamcloud discord server will handle most support. In the future, Players will be able to make private tickets to personal issues such as store support. We also have an ask the staff channel where players can ask staff any question that they have!

Join our discord server with this link here

If possible, use the discord server embed below:

Join our Discord Server
To join our Discord server, you must be 13 years of age or older, as we follow the Discord Terms of Service. If you are under this age, please have an adult present while using the facilities.

To join our Discord server, you must be 13 years of age or older, according to Discord's Terms of Service.

To gain access to our live server chat, you must accept our rules and yourself with your in-game Minecraft account in the ask-the-staff channel. However, you do not need to verify your account to use all support channels.

Dreamcloud Bug Reports
Welcome to the official bug reporting guide for Dreamcloud! We understand that bugs can happen but don’t worry we do our best to make sure everything is patched as soon as possible. Once you report a bug and provide us with the information needed, we will notify our development team to get it looked into as soon as possible!
Dreamcloud Staff Applications
Firstly, welcome to the world of Dreamcloud, we are glad to have you here. Before we get into the application we do ask that you read over this attached document that goes over the application a little more and what to expect once you submit your application. We do ask that you do not ask any staff to review your application, all applications are reviewed and handled by our community manager Logan, so if you need anything regarding it please contact him on Discord (logan#0951). Applications are handled within’ a 3-5 day time period so do not worry if you don’t hear back right away.