Status of Jobs and Backpacks

Status of Jobs and Backpacks

We will be removing our jobs plugin as well as our backpacks plugin. Our jobs plugin is prone to data loss issues and our backpack plugin is not super necessary with shulkers and ender chests. On October 31st, the Jobs system that is currently on the server will be permanently removed along with backpacks. We came to the decision to remove the system due to the numerous issues that are plagued within the plugin and while I could fix them there’s ultimately a much cooler solution to the problem which I think you will enjoy.

[DEV] Beelnc will be rolling out an updated version of the quest system at the same time as the Jobs removal. You will now see more categories: Hourly, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly quests these will be able to repeat unlike the Halloween ones and allow you another way to earn rewards and various different cosmetics for completing goals. This is part of the reason there haven’t been many new quests recently, as I want to rework the system entirely!

There will also be another category in the near future called “Story Mode” quests which will allow you to embark on an awesome journey and immerse yourself in a super interactive experience more on this will be released later!
Website Updates

I am changing the format of the website and going back to having most features of a forum on the discord. I have been going back and forth regarding what is the best decision, but I think this way the activity will stay in one place instead of requiring players to jump around to get something done. The website design will also be changed to a simpler design without a forum. The new website should be out sometime next week. Until then, the current website will still be accessible. All suggestions or content on the website will be migrated over to the new website.

What will stay on the website:

  • Suggestions
  • Updates (will also be posted on discord, but more information will be available on the website)
  • Vote Links
  • Support Links (Bug Reports, Staff Apps, Appeals)
  • Rules

What Will be Removed from the discord:

  • FAQs
  • Dreamcloud Ranks Channel (We have a server Store where the ranks and their perks can be seen clearly)
  • Suggestions
    Please ask questions in the ask-the-staff  channel if you have any, also take a look at our roadmap which will outline additions we are looking to add to the server for the
    rest of this year and into 2022!

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