DreamCloud Summer Update
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DreamCloud Summer Update

We appreciate the continued support we are receiving from everyone! Since Dreamcloud is still a very young server, we are working to change how we are doing announcements and updates on the server to make sure we continue to offer a fun and exciting experience for all of our players!

Gameplay- Added Chat Colors!

Added Trading into the server! Trade with your friends with a gui that allows you to see what exactly you are trading to determine if the trade is fair! For a full guide on trades and the trade gui.

Mob and Player head drops! - Added the Marriage Heart next to players name who are married - Added the player's Team when you hover over a players name - Players Can Crawl, Lay, Sit and be carried by other players! - Players can now Pet their Pets just by sneaking and right-clicking!

Custom Food with more recipes!- Ice Cream! (Several variations with effects) - Hotdogs (Several variations with effects) - Burger - Strawberries - 3 Types of Cooked Fish - Salsa

Tools and Weapons -

These items will be redeemable from the Summer Crate

  • Sand Shovel x4
  • Pool Noodle (Sword) x4
  • Pool Floaty (Shield) x4


- Rainbow Trout - Mackerel

- Yellow Perc

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