DreamCloud Halloween Update 2021

DreamCloud Halloween Update 2021

The ghouls and goblins of DreamCloud have finally been summoned and with them comes tons of new features (many of which will stay year-round!) For a shorter rundown of everything new, feel free to see the server-updates channel in our discord server as this announcement will cover everything new in detail.

👻 Halloween Cosmetics + NEW Cosmetic Type! 👻

NEW Seasonal Crafting Recipes! You will only be able to craft these recipes until the end of the Halloween Event. Anything you craft will still be available to you in-game, you just won’t be able to craft new ones. To view recipes type /ia in-game and click on the candy corn to see all available recipes!

Available to craft: Lollipops (Black, Red, Orange, Lime, and Purple), Mob Sugar cookies (Pumpkin Golem, Skeleton, Slime, Zombie, Ghast, Witch), Carmel Apple
Witches will have a 50% chance to drop their hat on death
Two new items added permanently, which are the Iced Pumpkin Cookie and Pumpkin Set
New hats made for Halloween Crate (Pirate Hat,  Red Horns, Cowboy Hat, Pumpkin Hat) can be found in the Halloween Crate.

NEW Particles!
Coming out with this update is a brand new Particles system to introduce a new type of cosmetics for players to obtain! Particles are a fun way to show off not only your holiday spirit but your love for the server. There are 5 new particles coming out with this update. You can access your particles in-game with /particles. Some particles can be unlocked for FREE this Halloween season.

  • Jack O’ Lantern (Unlocked from Halloween Crates)
  • Spirit Of Halloween (Unlock by completing Pumpkin Hunt @Spawn)
  • Ghost (Unlocked from Halloween Crates)
  • Witches Brew (Unlocked from Quests)
  • Candy Corn (Unlocked from Quests)

🧭  NEW Quests System 🧭
Quests are a new way to reward players for completing tasks in-game, you can do /q in-game to open the Quest GUI or visit our Witch friend in the house just off of Spawn to open the GUI. There you can browse Quests and click on which ones you want to start. You can also go back into /q once you start a quest and hover over your active quest to track its progress!

  • Added 9 Halloween Quests (Available until November 1st)
  • Added 7 Regular Quests (Will change/reset October 8th)

PLEASE NOTE: Read a quest entirely before starting it, some quests require a certain amount of inventory space for physical rewards so pay attention and ensure you have enough space

TIMED QUESTS NOTE: For timed quests, for example, play 15 hours on the server AFK time DOES NOT count towards this. You must be actively playing on the server for the time to count. If you attempt to bypass this by creating an AFK pool, using mods, etc we will remove the reward from you and reset the quest for you. Please play fairly!

Pumpkin Spawn Hunt

Ten pumpkins have been hidden around the Spawn (you can find the first one to the right of the main spawn point) use /spawn to get there and get started!

🏠 Halloween Themed Spawn 🏠

AHHHH! The monsters have taken over our spawn, enjoy an awesome new Halloween themed spawn to explore and get in the spirit of Halloween! For the duration of the event, the Spawn will be locked in darkness.

Spooky Ranks, Tab and Scoreboard

All ranks have been spook-ifed this Halloween season as well as the tablist and scoreboard! These changes are only temporary and will be reverted back after the event!

📰 In-Game Announcements📰

Every 5 minutes in-game, an announcement showcasing a Halloween feature will pop up in the chat, if you no longer wish to see these feel free to type /announcements in chat to toggle them on/off!

Halloween Discord Fun!

The party isn’t only on the server! Be on the lookout for some fall-themed things from our CM TeaSpiller on Discord within the coming days!

Conclusion and Bug Reports

We truly hope you enjoy this update, Bloo, Yawn, Logan and myself have worked incredibly hard to bring you an awesome holiday update with tons of new content and limited edition goodies. Since this update includes a lot of brand new features expect there to be one or two bugs here and there! Please report any via the Bug Reporting form (https://dreamcloudmc.com/bugs) this will allow me to sort all current bugs and solve them as quickly as possible. Even if you're not 100% sure if somethings a bug or intended please submit it regardless!

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