Changelogs 11/5/21
Dreamcloud Changelogs 

Changelogs 11/5/21

  • Daily reboots will now happen at 2 am Central Time
  • Will reset the Nether and the End on Sunday after the server reboot at 2 AM.
  • Removed the Claim tutorial in the help menu.
  • Removed Friends plugin for the moment as it is not used
  • Please remove everything out of backpacks as they will be removed on Sunday after the Server reboot at 2 AM
  • Added more shops to the server, adjusting the prices and then they will be public.

Land Claim

  • GriefPrevention claim blocks sales disabled.
  • Changed the MAX accrued claim blocks amount to 30k.
  • Changed when claims will expire to 90 days.

Holiday/Winter Update

  • Have started making cosmetics for the Update.
  • Have also started to work on the winter village where several quests will be located.

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