Changelogs  11/11/21

Changelogs 11/11/21

Changelogs  11/11/21 (Most of these changes will not be present until the winter update except the starred additions)

  • Readded Amour shop and raised prices
  • Backpacks will be removed on the next restart
  • End and nether will be reset on the next restart  

Winter Update

  • Drafting several different quests to add to the Server
  • Bloo_the_Fluff  continues to work on additions to the server for the winter update. Currently: Working on custom tools.

Warps and Shops

  • Add an autocomplete when typing warp names
  • Warps will be sorted by most visited
  • Donators can create colored warp names
  • Increased /shop prices by 500% to give player shops more priority.

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